Pressure Care and Positioning

Once you have chosen the best wheelchair for your needs, then you can choose accessories like the cushion. Actually, choosing the right wheelchair cushion takes some careful thought as well. The cushion must not be chosen for comfort alone but also for medical benefits.

They are meant to assist body posture and are meant to match each person in terms of size, weight, and height. A well-fitted, well-made wheelchair seat cushion is going to integrate seamlessly into the wheelchair so that the wheelchair user almost won’t notice it. It is simply “there” to enhance pelvic stability, improve posture, increase comfort, and, as applicable, help the wheelchair user maintain a healthy body temperature and minimize the incidence of pressure sores.
Ultimately, the type of wheelchair cushion you choose will depend upon your individual needs. If you are not sure what to choose you should consult your Therapist or Doctor.

When it comes to wheelchair cushions, there are four main types you can choose from: air flotation, foam, urethane honeycomb and gel.

Positioning within your chair is equally important for correct posture and pelvic placement and support.

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