One wheelchair everywhere, every day

You need power mobility but you want a customized chair that fits into your everyday life and environment. Welcome to the LEVO combi mid-wheel power base: a design that maximizes maneuverability, turning radius and overall traction for life’s ups and downs. The seating system on the power base is the best combination of seated, stand and recline offered in the industry. You can even transition directly from full recline to full standing – smoothly, securely and stop anywhere in between. In any position you can engage the world with power mobility – move, turn, reverse – all while in any of the multiple and customized seating positions that you choose for your chair. The LEVO combi easily maneuvers within your home, your work, indoors, outdoors, all while ensuring stability, safety, multiple seating and standing positions to enhance and extend quality of life.


Power base

• Compact size and weight with excellent power maneuverability,

response and traction

• Center wheel drive provides for the smallest turning circle (110 cm)

• Stable and safe driving in seated or standing position (automatic

program for controlled standing speed)

• Safely and effectively climbs and descends ramps up to 12°

• Multiple programming options for maximum choice

• Whisper quiet drive and seating operation




• Precisely engineered chair design for exceptionally smooth and

low shear transition between all standing and seating functions

• Automatic back and knee adjustment with low shearing function

• Standing, seat- and back angle adjustment, seat lift, tilt, recline

• Customized match to individual body mechanics and chair design

• Numerous health benefits because of more frequent standing




• User-friendly, simple handling

• Smooth seat/standing positioning movement

• Compact maneuverability for tight spaces (turning circle 110 cm)

• Safe and secure stand-up operation elevating to any and all

angles between sitting and 85° standing

• Adjustable for upper and lower leg, foot position and back angle

• Max. user weight up to 120 kg

• Wide range and style of options, accessories and control switches

• Mutiple color options

• Easy accessibility for maintenance and service updates

• Certificates: TÜV, CERAH, HI, FDA/510(k), Crash Test

• Interesting return on investment value


Technical Data

All measurements in cm and kg. Discrepancies in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications.
Model S-M resp. L-XL
Seat width (SB) 38/44/50
Total width (B) 66
Total length (L) 110
Total height (H) 89 -104
Sea height (inc. cushion) 56 – 71
Seat upholstery depth 29 – 42 bzw. 40 – 53
Armrest height 17 – 25
Back height (standard upholstery) 43
Turning circle 110
Speed 6/8/10 km/h
Range approx. 35 km
Max. gradient 12° (25%)
Curb climbing ability 8
Chair’s weight 170
Max. load capacity 120
Transportation dimension 93 x 66 x 67

Standard Configuration

  • Backrest upholstery
  • Flip-up armrests, height adjustable
  • Flip-up footrest
  • Knee support and chest strap
  • Length adjustment backrest and height
  • adjustment armrest
  • Manual seat height adjustment
  • Powered stand-up function
  • Powered driving in sitting and standing
  • Powered lying-standing direct function
  • if option reclining included
  • Set of batteries and charger
  • PGDT controller (R-net)



  • Swing away joystick
  • Lights and indicators
  • V-Trak back system
  • V-Trak head and thoracic support
  • Powered seat lift 15 cm
  • Powered reclining backrest/legrest 90–180°
  • Foam seat cushion 6 cm
  • Assorted knee supports and footrest
  • wedges
  • Chest role
  • Table tray
  • Skirt guard
  • Vehicle tie-down kit
  • Push handle bar
  • … many more on request



5 standard colors (blue, red, yellow, platinum, black) and 190 other color options