Active, traction, innovative – quality

The powered LEVO is compact, agile, easy to handle and extremely powerful – perfect for active people on the move. Curbs part of your daily commute? No problem with the LEVO   drive system that turns a maneuverable mid-wheel base into a powerful, climbing 4 wheel drive action base. For classroom, work or home, you also have the tight turning radius and agile maneuverability of amid-wheel base.


The LEVO incorporates a new generation advancement in the famous LEVO low shearing standing systems. Incredibly smooth transition to standing including the automatic wheel base adjustment. Now you have a frontwheel drive base for unparalled driving stability and response in the standing position. The latest innovation from LEVO, the experts in standing!

Power base

• 4WD: four powered wheels for superior traction and agility

• Crawls over curbs up to 10 cm

• Climbs ramps easily up to 15°/33%

• Off road/rough surface traction capability

• Multiple programming options for maximum choice

• Solid, secure and safe brake action


• Automatic lengthening/matching the extension of the back and legs

during transition to standing and seating. «Low shearing system»

• Engineered chairs and biomechanics in all seating and standing


• Low seat height for transfer and driving under tables

• Easy adjustment to individual body measurements

• Numerous health benefits due to more frequent standing




• User-friendly, simple handling

• Maximum safety in all positions

• Compact manoeuvrability for tight spaces (turning circle 110 cm)

• Small dimension, compact transport volume

• High battery capacity: range up to 25 km, optional up to 35 km

• Individually and manually adjustable for upper and lower leg, foot

position and back angle

• Seat width 32 up to 52 cm

• User weight up to 140 kg

• Easy accessibility for maintenance and service updates


Technical Data

All measurements in cm and kg. Discrepancies in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications.
Model S – XL
Seat width (SB) 32/36/40/44/48/52
Total width (B) 63
Total height (H) inkl. V-Trak 41 cm 100
Seat height (w/o seat cushion) 48
Seat plate depth 35 – 63
Arm rest height 15 – 36
Turning circle 110
Speed 6/8/10 km/h
Range(with 55Ah Batteries) ca. 25 km
Manageabl gradient 15° (33%)
Max, curb climbe 10
Chairs weight 175
Max load 140
Transport volume (max.) 96 x 63 x 69

Standard configuration


  • E/E Wheelchair with 4 active wheels
  • Low shearing system
  • Seat support plate
  • Seat height 48 cm
  • V-Trak Axxis back
  • Flip-up armrests (adjustable for height, angle and width)
  • VR2 control system of PG-Drives Technology with 55 Ah batteries
  • Flip-up footrest to the side and backwards with non slip surface
  • Knee support removable (adjustable in height, depth, angle and width)
  • Vehicle tie-down locations


Options / Accessories

  • Knee support integrated
  • Tilt in Space 0-35°
  • Swing awayjoystick
  • Foam cushion with cover
  • Swing away tabletray
  • Upper leg support
  • Chest role
  • Lights and indicators
  • Alternative controlers
  • Quick release for seat depth, lower leg length and back angle
  • …and ask for more!




4 standard colors (blue, red, yellow, black) and 190 other color options