RECK MOTOMED in Australia

The MOTOMED is a motor driven, software controlled movement therapy system incorporating a leg cycle or arm/upper body exerciser for both adults and children. Its sophisticated software recognises spasms and works with you to alleviate them.  The unit is offered as either a leg trainer, an arm trainer or both leg and arm trainer – the choice is yours and is accessible from any style of wheelchair.  Ability in Motion is the exclusive Queensland Australia importer of MOTOMED. Please contact is from anywhere in Australia for more information.

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Train Passively:  Get moved and relaxed passively by the motor
Assistive:  Train actively with motor assistance
Active:  Train actively with own muscle strength against finely adjustable resistance levels.

Conditions that exercise using the MOTOMED can help include but are not limited to: Multiple sclerosis, stroke, paraplegia, tetraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and other neurological diseases as well as any kind of mobility impairment.

Therapy goals include:
•  Reduce Spatiscity, become more flexible
•  Rediscover residual muscle strength
•  Counteract the consequences of a lack of movement
•  Promote Walking ability
•  Strengthen the sense of well-being

MODELS: As well as those below there is a specific model for Parkinsons sufferers and also a Dialysis clinic model.

Viva One Leg MOTOmed Viva1
The MOTOmed is ideal for daily passive, assistive and active movement training in a rehabilitation centre, skilled nursing facility, or at home.
• Gently moves legs or arms (arm/upper body trainer accessory is available): passively, assitively or actively
• Integrated therapy support with ServoCycling, SmoothDriveSystem, SymmetryTraining
• For your safety: Spasm Control with automatic direction change, Movement Protector, plus safety foot shells.
• Moveable and slip-proof (all metal construction
Viva 2 Leg and ArmViva 2 Operating Panel MOTOmed Viva2
The MOTOmed viva2 with its large display (approx. 11.3 x 8.4 cm/4.5 x 3.3 inches) and big palpable buttons is particulary suitable for patients with:
• limited motor activity in arms, hands and fingers MOTOmed viva2 provides: big buttons and handlebar
• vision and perception disorders MOTOmed viva2 provides: big letters and numbers, approx. 2 cm/ 0.8 inches high
• low muscle strength and depth sensibility disorders (bathyaesthesia) MOTOmed viva2 provides: visual biofeedback to distinguish active and passive training mode
• general problems in operating appliances MOTOmed viva2 provides: simplified operation with integrated operating guide
Letto Person MOTOmed Letto
The motor driven, user-friendly Movement Therapy System for patients confined to bed.
For daily passive, assistive and active movement training from the bed or bench. For patients confined to a bed in clinics, skilled nursing facilities or at home. The MOTOmed letto can be easily moved to the bed, locked reliably and adjusted so that the patient doesn’t have to be transferred. It is an ideal assistant for physiotherapy, for initiating mobility, and to prevent contracture, decubitus or thrombosis.The MOTOmed letto comes with safety foot shells and the features Smooth Drive System, Movement Protector, Spasm Control with automatic direction change and Servo Cycling.  Download Brochure Letto 2
Gracile MOTOmed Gracile
• Suitable for very narrow leg positions: the distance between the. inner rims of the foot shells is only 12 cm/4.8 inches
• Height adjustment of the pedal axle including foot shells from 26 to 46 cm/10.4 to 18.4 inches (from the ground). Therefore the MOTOmed Gracile is adjustable to various wheelchair heights, seating cushions and also accommodates the growth of your child.
• Passive training with motor
• Active training with muscle strength, assisted by the motor
• Active training with muscle strength against adjustable resistance levels
Download a Gracile Brochure

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