Hasomed Rehastim and Rehamove (FES Cycling)


What is FES and how can it help?

• Functional Electrical Stimulation or FES uses stimulation to generate contractions in paralyzed and weakened muscles.

• The stimulation is applied through electrodes on the skin or sometimes implanted into the muscles.

• FES requires that the nerve from the spinal cord to the muscle is intact and healthy. After prolonged periods of disuse, the stimulation is often used to build the muscle back up before FES is used to restore function.

RehaMove: the combination of the motion trainer MOTOmed and the electrical stimulator RehaStim2 is the dynamic therapy option for people with paralysis.


• FES can restore activities of everyday living such as grasping, standing and walking and make possible physical activities such as cycling and rowing.

• FES enables people with movement disorders to exercise and thus avoid secondary health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes that can significantly impact quality of life and mortality.
Who can benefit from FES?

People who have lost voluntary control of their muscles, because of Stroke
• Spinal cord injury
• Multiple sclerosis

Physiological benefits
• May  improve muscle quality (muscle bulk and strength, and blood circulation)
• May prevent bone density loss
• May improves cardiovascular function
• May improves skin health

Psychological benefits
• Can improves self-image and self-esteem
• May enhances self-efficacy
• May increases social networks