Folding frame (Syncro Motion Folding Axle)
Technical features
– Minimum encumbrance folding frame
 – Foldable backrest and adjustable upholstery
 – Titanium backrest tubes
 – Syncro Motion Folding Axle






When design and technology meets, a brilliant reality comes to life…..“EGO” , the new concept of active wheelchair by PROGEO. Innovative open/close easy-to-use system and unbeatable rigidness for a extremely light folding wheelchair (less than 10kg in the lightest configuration). Ultra light aluminium alloy or carbon fibre elliptical frame tubes, extremely reduced encumbrance…these are but a few of a TOP range model’s features.
Tipology: ultra light wheelchair with axles folding system for indoor and outdoor use.

Ego in Carbon Fibre

Ego in Aluminium (standard)



Exremely compact frame and minimum encumberance, easy to load in car


Syncro Motion Folding Axle, innovative Progeo concept


Wide range of adjustment: Rear Height, axle setting, backrest height, backrest angle








Technical Data