A commitment to innovation, continual research and improvement has seen the  Progeo range of active design wheelchairs  become one of the most sought after.  Manufactured to exacting specifications by Italian company Rehateam with the addition of Italian style, creativity and flair.  Style and functionality is built into  every Progeo performance wheelchair.

Progeo: a serious and reliable company really careful and interested in reaching the end user’s satisfaction. We have taken an off-beaten track : quality and service first.

We distinguish ourselves with 14 models with  many variations to personalize the functionality of each single model: from carefully selected materials such as aluminium, titanium and carbon-fibre, accurately tested in order to offer a product that is reliable, serious and above all light and fast.

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          NOIR                            Joker Energy                       Joker Evolution                          Joker




                       Ego                                        Yoga                                                        Tekna


Tekna Advance                                    Exelle                                            Exelle Vario


Tilting                                                                                                              Power


                   Tekna Tilt                                                                                  Variotronic