G1 Series

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Glide G1 Bush Chair

G1 Series – G1 Series AMP (Amputee Wheelchair)
The Series 1 Amputee Wheelchair, designed with the incorporation of an increased wheelbase width, creating a better balanced, more stable chair to offset the imbalance created due to a missing limb. The amputee is specially designed to compensate for clients who have lost a limb. A popular option to accompany this chair is the stump support available in multiple sizes.

Based on the sturdy construction of the Series 1 SW, this chair features additional reinforcement and features making it at home in rough remote areas. This chair also benefits from BMX tyres as standard to provide additional grip and stability, popular additions to this chair are solid rear tyres.

G1 Series – G1 Series FWD (Front Wheel Drive Wheelchair)
The G1 Front Wheel Drive Wheelchair is designed for a high level of manoeuvrability, with the drive wheels on the front, allowing the turning circle to be reduced. Not only can this chair be better controlled but it can also turn easier and with a greater level of accuracy.

G1 Series – G1 Series OAD (One Arm Drive Wheelchair)
The One Arm Drive wheelchair. – Specifically produced to allow users to drive with just one arm via the dual rim mechanism that can be mounted on either side to accommodate left or right hemiplegia.

G1 Series – G1 Series SW (Standard Wheelchair )
The ever successful Glide Standard Wheelchair, strong and stable, designed for those requiring self propulsion means coupled with a folding frame, and lightweight construction.

G1 Series – G1 Series SW QR (Standard Wheelchair Quick Release Wheels)
Benefits from identical features as those listed on the Standard Wheelchair coupled with the additional functionality of quick release wheels.

G1 Series – G1 Series TR (Transit Wheelchair)
The Series 1 Transit Wheelchair, designed for maximum mobility, incorporating a short wheelbase and small rear wheels this chair enables the chair’s occupant and carer to easily navigate tight areas such as hallways. Available in Stainless Steel, Merlot and Island Blue finishes.