Powered Stairclimbers and Add-on Power Units for Wheelchairs… AAT, The Powered Stairclimber People are specialists in providing personalised disability access and social inclusion solutions to OT’s, end-users, and the general public. 


SERVOThe SERVO makes it possible for wheelchair users — even with reduced strength — to move independently and increase their range of action.

Its standard program to drive uphill and downhill as well as its intelligent braking function make driving safely up- and downhill feasible.

The working concept of the SERVO combines physical power and active mobility while it relieves joints and muscles. Available with lithium-Ion or lead silicone battery pack.

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  SOLO– On the road – light-hearted and safe
Enjoy long drives and live actively with your family – the SOLO makes you mobile and flexible. It enriches not only your everyday life, but also increases your quality of life. Available with lithium-Ion or lead silicone battery pack. Light-hearted and safe.
Enjoy long drives and live actively with your family – the SOLO makes you mobile and flexible. It enriches not only your everyday life, but also increases your quality of life. Available with lithium-Ion or lead silicone battery pack.

  • Fast and easy mounting of the wheelchair wheels due to a new and innovative locking system.
  • Powered wheels without fully floating axles
  • Very light-weight lithium ion battery
  • ALPHA concept – highly efficient motors and modern battery technology makes a range up to 35 km possible.
  • Space-saving and easy to transport
  • Light, compact and manoeuvrable
  • Individual attachment to almost all types of commercially available wheelchairs
  • Suitable for a maximum total weight of 210 kg (person, wheelchair, SOLO)

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Max-eWith the max-e you transform your manual wheelchair easily and quickly into a light, manoeuverable and fully-fledged electrical wheelchair, while all the advantages of a manual wheelchair remain the same.  

  • efficient transmission of power by a direct drive
  • possible assembly for virtually all wheelchairs at a seat width of 28 cm and above
  • low net weight of 8.9 kg
  • easy attachment of the drive to the wheelchair
  • suitable for a maximum approved total weight of 200 kg (person, wheelchair and max-e)




Max 2 — a new definition of flexibility

The max 2 has the advantages of a lightweight electric drive, which can simultaneously be used as a pushing and braking aid.
With the max 2 you enlarge your personal range of operation in more than a literal way because the newly found mobility and independence also increase your quality of life.
Since the max 2 can be adapted to almost any type of wheelchair, you can be sure to continue using your own, familiar wheelchair.

  • Lightweight electric drive to drive on your own
  • Intuitive, direct steering
  • Also applicable as pushing and braking aid
V-Max – Make your manual wheelchair mobile with the pushing and braking aid v-max. Ascending slopes, downward slopes and split ramps are no problem any more for you and your attendant. The pushing aid v-max supports you in all situations.
  • efficient direct drive
  • speed up to 6 km/h, continuously adjustable
  • range up to 15 km with one battery charge
  • easy mounting and dismounting of the entire power unit
  • easy handling
  • power unit’s net weight is under 9 kg
  • no bothersome 3rd power wheel
  • suitable for an approved maximum total weight of 200 kg (person, wheelchair, v-max)
  • v-max+ is suitable for an approved maximum weight of 300 kg (person, wheelchair, v-max+)

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MovelinoThe pushing and braking of a wheelchair is often very strenuous for the attendant. Particularly going uphill or downhill calls for a lot of physical effort. The innovative pushing and braking aid movilino is simultaneously  support and relief for your attendant.   
  • range of over 21 km
  • control grips, adjustable in height
  • inclines up to 18 %
  • can be attached to almost all types of wheelchairs at a seat width of 32 cm and above
  • continuously adjustable speed, forward up to 6 km/h, backward up to 3 km/h
  • suitable to a maximum approved total weight of 170 kg (person, wheelchair and movilino)


S-Max-SellaStairs are often a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for persons with restricted mobility. With the s-max sella you solve this problem elegantly and effortlessly. Due to its compact dimensions, the stairclimber is particularly suitable for narrow stairs inside as well as outside.  

  • compact dimensions
  • particularly suitable for narrow stairs
  • handle, adjustable in height
  • LED’s for safe operation in the dark
  • foot rest, adjustable in height
  • maximum lifting capacity of 170 kg or 195 kg
  • suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 135 kg or 160 kg


S-Max -The s-max is a stair climbing aid and can be mounted to almost all commercial wheelchairs. You may remain in your own wheelchair, while you are safely and comfortably transported up and down stairs or across obstacles. 

  • can be mounted to almost all commercial wheelchairs
  • compact dimensions and low net weight
  • can be stored easily in your car
  • single step mode
  • easy operation and handling
  • maximum lifting capacity of 155 kg or 180 kg
  • suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 115 kg or 135 kg.

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Esaclino– The escalino is the convenient stairclimber for every day, at home or on the road, inside or outside.  Due to its patented climbing kinematics the escalino overcomes easily and safely the most diverse stairs and provides you with a higher quality of life because it increases your mobility considerably.

  • patented climbing kinematics
  • overcomes easily and safely the most diverse types of stairs
  • high comfort due to an optimum climbing performance
  • easy operation and handling
  • single step mode, manual turn off
  • suitable for a person’s maximum weight of 120 kg
  • maximum total weight of 155 kg


C- Max U1– The lightweight and compact c-max U1 is your ideal companion in everyday life. With it you can easily overcome stairs and handle walkways safely and comfortably.

  • more mobility and quality of life
  • easy and safe handling
  • little physical effort is necessary on the part of the attendant
  • easy to store due to the low weight of the separate parts
  • safe and comfortable
  • suitable for a person’s weight of maximally 140 kg | 160 kg respectively

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C-Max U2 (Ambulance Stairclimber) – The c-max U2 was designed for professional use e.g. in ambulances or for assisted transportation. With the c-max U2 patients can be transported quickly and safely over separate steps or stairs. You may also use the device on level ground.

  • safe and quick transportation of patients over single steps as well as stairs
  • foldable, thus space-saving and easy to store
  • physical relief for your personnel
  • easy and comfortable handling
  • suitable for a person of a maximum weight of 140kg | 160 kg respectively
  • suitable fixtures for virtually all car types


 S-Max Airport,Aviation, Aircraft Stairclimber – To transport persons with reduced mobility in an aircraft is often complicated. The aviation version of the s-max has been particularly designed for the close confines in an aircraft. With the s-max a passenger can be transported directly to the seat safely and comfortably for both them and the responsible ground staff. The AAT stair climbers are already in use on more than 100 international and local airports.

  • safely and comfortably, for both the passenger + the staff
  • minimal effort
  • variable speed
  • patented turning device
  • compact dimensions
  • accessories that make sense


Vario-Max – Multifunctional Transportation Aid -Solve problems of transportation quickly and efficiently In public places and institutions often there is no lift available, so the personnel have to carry postal packages or heavy paper boxes up and down various levels. Also transporting people unable to walk to different levels without an elevator poses a problem. The transportation aid Vario-max is the optimum solution for all these different problems of transportation. Regardless of whether you transport loads or persons, the Vario-max manages 170 / 160 kg safely up and down stairs. Also on level ground the device is a flexible transportation aid. Due to the many ways of using the device and its easy handling, the Vario-max quickly becomes an aid you cannot do without.

  • transportation of loads up to 170 kg
  • transportation of persons up to 160 kg
  • can be used as a pushing wheelchair
  • no damage of the load or steps’ edges
  • high manoeuvrability, even on very narrow stairs
  • usable on virtually all stair coverings
  • automatic brake function when going downstairs
  • single step mode
  • puncture-proof  tyres
  • including full belt safety harness
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