Ability in Motion is a supplier for the Queensland Dept of Health Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) and CAEATI programmes. 

*   If you like Australian made as much as we do look to Glide and AC Mobility for your needs.  (Frankly, you’ll be surprised at their affordability.)
*   If you want functionality, ultra light weight and style or even bespoke go to Progeo – made in Italy
*   The experts in standing technology is Levo – made in Swtizerland
*   Need power assist – the Germans and the Japanese have it sewn up – AAT and Yamaha

We have various local agents in Qld who partner with ourselves to service the State. Please contact our office so that we can forward you in the right direction .


                     MANUAL:                                                                                POWER:

• Glide 2   SWL 150kg  No co-payment                               • Glide Series 4– folding SWL 150kg  No co-payment         

• Glide 3 & HD  SWL 100/180kg   No co-payment               • Glide Centro RBT Vertical lift SWL 175kg                        

• Glide Paediatric SWL 75kg                                              •AC Mobility Atigra 1  SWL145kg  No co-payment
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                                  • AC Mobility Atigra 2 MWD, •AC Mobility  Traxx 2 RWD

       Active Lightweight RIGID                                      LEVO – STANDING  C3 & COMBI SWL  140kg

 • Progeo JOKER series (Carbon fibre avail)

        Active Lightweight FOLDING                                                       POWER ASSIST        

Ego SWL 125       • Yoga  SWL 125                                                           Rim Propelled:

•Tekna Advance   •Exelle Vario                                         • SERVO SWL 150kg             •Glide (•Yamaha) SWL 120kg

           Manual Standing                                                                         Joystick Add-on:

LEVO Manual  LAE & LCEV SWL 120kg                                 •SOLO SWL 160kg                SOLO Plus  SWL 200kg

                                                                                                           Attendant Controlled:

 PRESSURE CUSHIONS                                                     V-Max SWL 150kg              V-Max Plus SWL 250kg


• CoolCell – High Risk 130kg – Air & Gel                                                 ALL TERRAIN WHEELCHAIR

• Gelcell – High Risk 130kg – Air & Gel                                                         Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair   

• Gelcell G2 – High Risk 130kg – Air & Gel

• Duogel – High Risk 130kg – Gel & Foam

• Easy – Medium Risk 130kg – Gel & Foam

• Trio – Medium Risk 80kg – Gel & Foam

• Glide Foam – Low Risk 150kg – Foam


What is MASS ?

Supporting independence at home.  Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) provides access to subsidy funding for the provision of MASS endorsed aids and equipment to eligible Queensland residents with permanent and stabilised conditions or disabilities.  The range of MASS aids and equipment is selected to assist people to live at home and avoid premature or inappropriate residential care or hospitalisation.

Aids and equipment are subsidy funded either on a permanent loan basis, private ownership or through the purchase of consumables.  MASS provides subsidy funding assistance towards wheelchairs and other medical equipment
Applicants seeking MASS subsidised aids and equipment will need to arrange a clinical assessment by a health care professional (prescribed) approved by MASS.

You may be eligible for MASS assistance if:
•    You are a permanent resident of Queensland AND
•    You have a permanent and stabilised condition or disability AND
•    You hold one of the following cards:
•    Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
•    Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Pensioner Concession Card (conditions apply)
•    Centrelink Health Care Card
•    Queensland Government Seniors Card
•    Centrelink Confirmation of Concession Card Entitlement Form (conditions apply).